So you think you're witty? Come on over! If you would write an article, blog post or review, please send me a quick email with any ideas you have. It doesn't have to be the longest post in the world, but is does have to make me crack a smile.

I also reserve the right to edit anything sent my way, although I'll always run the post past you to make sure you are happy before publishing. I'm not some kind of monster.

You'll also get a nice bio and I'll follow you on Twitter and send you biscuits in the post* (*dependent on availability).

We've even had guest writers featured on the Bristol Post how about that?

A lot of my posts revolve around the small West Country village I live in, of which you may have heard - Bristol, but your blog doesn't have to be related. It could be about Bernard's watch or the price of petrol, or famous cheeses.

What are you waiting for? E-mail Me