Doisy and Dam - Superfood Chocolate

Doisy and Dam - Superfood Chocolate


Tasty choccy without the incapacitating sense of guilt?

‘Doisy and Dam’ make superfood chocolate with some unexpected ingredients. They also have a very nice website and packaging that is probably cooler than whatever you are wearing right now.

Out of a gesture straight from the heart, they sent me a box of samples to taste and review with an eclectic mix of bars from across their extensive range.

What’s in the box?!

[pullquote align=left] Did you know, the packaging that comes with the chocolate is edible? Or at least Kai claims it is - "packaging wotsits" [/pullquote] Quinoa, smoked tea & vanilla - A 39% milk chocolate. The sweetness of the vanilla complemented by the milky light chocolate but only a faint whiff of smokiness. Quinoa as an added texture is fine. Quinoa is always better to say than to actually eat. KEENWAH. Quinoa is ‘the fluffer’ - the beige ingredient. The James Milner.

Coffee and sprouted buckwheat. Another milk chocolate. To a coffee drinker the lovely roasted taste isn’t strong enough. To those who don’t like coffee - it tasted a bit too strong. Maybe this is a gateway chocolate to stronger things. The sprouted buckwheat adds a nice crunch.

Goji and orange. I had to google goji berries. Tangy little fuckers. The flavour in the little blighters cuts through the delicious smooth rich dark chocolate. The best (chocolate) bar none.

Nice package in the post from @doisyanddam! Review soon #Chocolate #Goja #Quinoa #Buckwheat #NaturalChocolate

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Coconut and lacuma - tastes like a posh bounty. Had to Google Lacuma. Accidentally Googled ‘Lacuma Matata’. My entire culinary experience of coconut exists almost exclusively from Bounty chocolate bars. The coconut comes through stronger than flavours in other bars.

Where will you find Doisy and Dam?

Trendy coffee shops. Or vendors that sell himalayan pink salt. Or

When should you buy Doisy and Dam chocolates?

1. If you are having a nice coffee and want an accompanying little treat because you deserve it. 2. As a lovely gift for a friend (I assume nice people buy gifts - I can’t be sure personally) 3. For dinner parties so you can impress people with your knowledge of Lacuma and Goji berries.

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