Bristol Craft Beer Festival Announced

Bristol Craft Beer Festival Announced

What: Bristol Craft Beer Festival When: 2nd & 3rd September

Where: Motion’s recently refurbished The Skate Park

How much: £30 early bird, split into 2 sessions across the 2 days

Hops: Yes

Facial hair: Most probably

Good Times: Most definitely

That’s right, it’s the first Ever Bristol Craft Beer Festival!

Taking place in conjunction with Bristol Beer Week by bringing together the best of Bristol as well as national and international outfits and organised by the team behind London Craft Beer Festival.

The festival will be a grand finale to Bristol Beer Week, which will run from 27th August – 2nd September.

Confirmed local breweries taking part so far include Arbor, Wiper & True, Wild Beer Co, Lost & Grounded - and that’s not all - there’s also Left Handed Giant and Moor, with others to be announced (presumably after they’ve read this blog and decided that it would be silly not to)

Brewers from across the country will include The Kernel, Beavertown, Magic Rock and Brewdog with international guests from the US and Europe joining the party.

There will be 250 lovely beers to get your hands on and sample, or an unlimited number of combinations if you mix them (don’t do that. That’s a joke)

The festival will also showcase an amazing range of delicious treats & street food inspired favourites, using seasonal ingredients and local suppliers. There will also be live music that will be announced closer to the date.

Get your tickets here. See you there.



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