Bristol based 'Opposable Games' launch Dual Screen Epic: Salvaged

Bristol based 'Opposable Games' launch Dual Screen Epic: Salvaged


You may not realise, but there’s a battle going on right in the heart of Stokes Croft. No, not in opposition to a new Tesco, but waged by ‘Opposable Games’ a computer game developer looking to break into the big time with their revolutionary new game ‘Salvaged’. What sets this game apart is it’s second screen concept. You play the game via a PC, but a second screen (tablet) is used as an integral part of the game to offer an innovative extra dimension of tactical play.

The game itself focuses on exploration and as its title would suggest, salvaging various items and black boxes from abandoned craft (and of course those overrun with creatures that want to eat you from the inside out).

We asked the Salvaged’s Lead Designer James Parker about the project as they try to raise $125,000 via Kickstarter to raise the money needed to make the game a reality.




Q. My normal ‘second screen’ experience normally consists of reading tweets whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent. Salvaged is asking quite a lot of a gamer when it comes to interaction - do you think people are ready, or even capable of mastering a 2 screen gaming system?

It's amazing how quick it is to pick up. I’ve been telling people it’s a bit like driving, that when you first start it’s a conscious effort to check your mirrors but after a little while it becomes second nature. Dual-screen play is similar, it does require a little bit more investment than for a normal game, but once you’ve been through that process it feels incredibly natural.

Q. In the promo video, you talk about the Alien film and point to a certain cinematic element that has been an inspiration for the game. With the maps and other information on show, is the dual screen experience as much about the atmosphere and tension as it is the gameplay?

There’s certainly an element of that. There is a tangible difference in feeling between playing a game on a traditional controller and playing the game with a dual-screen set-up. It feels different and new, and emphasises that idea that you’re simultaneously connected but distant from your team. Plus it enables us to do lots of cool futuristic interface things!


control Room Screen


Q. The triangle formed by Bristol, Swindon and Gloucester now has the unofficial title of ‘Silicon Gorge’, how did Opposable come to find its home in the South West and what do you make of the explosion of tech based companies planting their routes in cider sodden soil?

The main impetus for all of us at Opposable Games is that we all wanted to be in or stay in Bristol. We’ve all done our time elsewhere, but there’s something about Bristol that keeps drawing us back in. The games scene in bristol has been building up for a while, and it’s all culminated in the Bristol Game Hub, which is a great resource, a great place to do business, and a great way to meet other game devs.

Q. You are looking to raise $125,000 with your Kickstarter project, is the plan to reach out the the international gaming community to build a fan base pre-launch? How are things going?

It’s still early days, but the response we’ve had so far has been brilliant. Lots of people from all over the world backing us, but also lots of people from the local area as well - the more people get to hear about the games industry in Bristol the more people get on board which is really great.

Some of the Kickstarter rewards for Salvaged include credits in the game, the chance that a character will be given your name, and of course the game itself along with pre-release access and a whole host of other goodies. For more info, or to get involved with the project, head over to the Salvaged Kickstarter project page.

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