9 Food Businesses that need to open in Bristol right now

9 Food Businesses that need to open in Bristol right now


It’s true that the food scene in Bristol has had a new lease of life in the past 3 or so years, with new restaurants, bars, street food stalls and pop-ups, well, popping up all the time. However, I do feel that the diversity of food businesses is lacking - a lot of the new launches have centred around meat (pulled pork, burgers, steak), Mexican (burritos, burritos everywhere!) and Italian, so here are my suggestions for what the food entrepreneurs of this fine city should be setting their sights on next. You’re welcome.

9: Brazilian BBQ

Every other city in the UK seems to have a Brazilian BBQ place, where you get massive skewers of marinated meat brought to your table (editors note: YOU MEAN PORK SWORDS?), accompanied by crazy amount of salad and side dishes - it’s fun and tasty and you can usually rely on getting a good rum cocktail too.

8: Fondue / Raclette

I remember there being a Swiss fondue place on Bedminster Parade a few years ago, and I sadly never got to visit before it closed. Why has another one not sprung up to replace it? Who doesn’t love dipping bread and other assorted items in melted, boozy cheese? Of course there’d also be raclette on the menu for those who like a good bit of cheese apparatus engineering.


7: Poutine

This is more of a Dan obsession, but I’m willing to be persuaded, as I like all the constituent parts. Chips covered in gravy and cheese (editors note: YOU MEAN CURDS?*) - it’s to Canadians what rarebit is to the Welsh, and if we want to consider ourselves an internationally-minded city, we need to represent Canadian chippy fare as much as we do American slow cooked meat.

*Cheese curds, not Kurds.

6: New England Seafood

We briefly had a taste of seafood done the American way when Party in my Pans served up their crawfish boil at Grillstock Festival and beyond last summer, although since they disappeared we’ve been left with a strong craving for more paprika-laced crawfish, as well as Maine crab rolls and some battered prawns. Someone come to our rescue!

5: Puerto Rican

A lesser-known Caribbean cuisine, but no less special. You can get some aspects of Puerto Rican food at places like The Cuban and Fuego (I’m particularly keen to try mofongo), but I think now that street food is in its ascendance we’re overdue a proper Puerto Rican shack - what could be better on a sunny day than snacking on empanadillas or Johnny cakes whilst dangling your legs over the quayside?

4.Trifle Emporium

I’ve always had a preference for what I feel is the under-appreciated trifle, and what better way to showcase its gloriousness and versatility than by opening a whole dessert parlour dedicated to it? You could have classic, orange & chocolate, rhubarb & custard, rum & pineapple, maybe someone could try a savoury trifle, inspired by Rachel from friends? These are the ideas off the top of my head, so just imagine the possibilities. There’d also naturally be a place for tiramisu, and other nice layered desserts - maybe one of those fancy French or German cakes? (editors note: YOU MEAN SCHICHTTORTE?)

3: Scandinavian

If you’re sick of menus focusing on red meat, pastry or all things deep fried, then I suggest you join me in my ongoing appeal for Bristol to get acquainted with Scandinavian food. The focus is on fresh, simple ingredients - think fish, crunchy salads, cream cheese, rye bread, Smörgåsbords, cardamom buns and of course yummy pastries. It’s a crime that the only Nordic food most of us have sampled has been from the Ikea cafe - so let’s remedy that asap.

2: Malaysian

It is completely unreasonable that in a city which prides itself on food offerings still has no dedicated place for me to get my fix of Rendang, Nasi Lemak or Laksa. Seriously, considering the popularity of other Asian cuisines in this city, how have we forsaken Malaysia’s culinary treasures?

1: Novelty pirate restaurant

Because it just makes sense. Rum, dressing up, sea shanties, and a pun-tastic menu - it’s an absolute no-brainer in this town! We have pirate crazy golf, why not a Blackbeard’s Baarrrrrbecue Shack? Or why not just turn The Matthew into a floating bar and restaurant? We’ve got the history and the sea rapscallion accents, let’s make the most of it with the ultimate gimmicky establishment.


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