6 Reasons to head to NASS this summer

6 Reasons to head to NASS this summer

Featured image credit: Alex Rawson (NASS Festival) NASS 8-10th July. Tents, energy drinks, grown men falling off tiny bikes. Lampoonists Francois and Ross let loose just outside of Bristol with some of the world’s best extreme sports athletes.

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Here are 6 reasons you should join them:

6. Elite sports athletes doing crazy stuff

If you thought the Park Street slide was extreme then you are in for a treat. Blood, sweat and beers. The world's best will converge on Royal Bath & West Showground. 

What Ross says: If I can find myself watching some good old fashioned in-line skating with my homies that would be great. But it's largely in the aim of getting to see Daniel Dhers, Logan Martin, and Mark Webb ride in person.

5. BMX Championships featuring Matt Hoffman

What Ross says: Like most 90s kids, Mat Hoffman had a huge presence in my childhood. But also as an adult, I've grown a more nuanced appreciation of what he did for the sport.

4. Jurassic 5

It's the J-U-R-A Capital S another S-I-C, 5 MC's in the flesh! What Ross says: J5, Camo * Krooked and Roni Size are up there for me! What Francois says: *Indecipherable excited squeal*

3. It's Less than an hour from Bristol

In America, who usually get all the extreme sports fun and games,  I’m pretty sure that’s classed as ‘on your doorstep’ What Francois says: I love the idea of NASS not only being about the sports themselves, but also a celebration of the culture that surrounds them, and so close to Bristol! I became a journalist precisely because I'm curious not only about events but the different ancillary aspects they consist of. The answer is then, I guess, is I want to see some athletes pull some sick moves and I want to soak up all the happenings.

2. There's a 14ft high vert ramp

That makes the biggest outdoor vert ramp in Europe. 

1. Enter the amateur contest in the Pro Park

For the first time, NASS 2016 will introduce an Amateur contest to the PRO PARK. You can register on site. Or, you can register a friend without telling them as a really elaborate prank like I’ve done for Ross.*

*Don’t really do this. You’ll hurt yourself**

**Unless you really are serious about entering the competition. In which case, YOU CRAZY CUZ.

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