2014 A Year in Lampoons

2014 A Year in Lampoons


Here at Simple Lampoon we uploaded a whopping 70 blogs this year. I say ‘we’ because there has been a number of people contributing to the blog (which is nice). From Louis taking investigative food journalism to new levels and Andy introducing his take on the Michelin star (the Andy Star) to Shonette wondering if Bristol was better when it was boring and full of flyovers. SimpleLampoonAndyStar

It’s all got very food oriented this year, which is curious as I have both limited culinary skills and vocabulary. I suppose I know enough of the four Bristol food groups; pulled pork, brisket, burgers and hops. With this in mind, in 2015 I hope to copy the success of the London based cereal cafe by opening my own hipster venture: an authentic cheese toastie shack in central Bristol. I’ll create a warming cheesy treat only to hand it over and watch the molten cheese ooze out at the temperature of the sun, burning and congealing within your trendy beard as I stand cackling behind my protective counter. Many of you will point to the fact that I, rather hypocritically also have a beard - and I say to you, we must suffer for our art. Stilton, bone marrow and leek toastie.

But enough of my evil and untruthful, yet somewhat feasible plans. What of 2014. The year that First Bus fares rose and sank like the sunrise and that I saw a man heckle a classical music concert.

Most read blog of the year

The Parkstreet slide was one of the most viewed pieces of news over on The Bristol Post with over a million pageviews. We jumped on the bandwagon here, generating a whole new bandwagon, which the Post eventually jumped on again to complete the full incestuos cycle. An abhorrent amount of news coverage over some sheet plastic and hay bales, but fun nonetheless. Luke Jerram, returns next year to put some boats in a forest so you can expect that to pop up on a round of Have I Got News for You.


Most improvised blog of the year

I went a bit off piste in 2014 sending my Mum and Brother to a jam making course, and accompanying my Dad to taste some new dishes at Hotel du Vin. At best, a novel and insightful look into what happens when you open blogging up to those without their own online voice. At worst; blatant exploitation... Make your own mind up... Then keep your opinion to yourself...

Weirdest blog of the year

Has to go to Louis, who conspired to raise his own livestock of snails before documenting the cleaning and cooking process. You can read that here.


Editors blog of the year (wot I did wrote)

Simple Lampoon is, at heart, a big puppy. Entertaining, naive, fluffy, occasionally in the dog house, and if you aren’t looking it’s going to poo in the hallway endearing… Thus I like to write playful blogs. My favourite research this year was on a blog called ‘Bristol or Bond’ in which I scoured the archives for pics that you can’t quite believe are right on your doorstep. You can read that blog here. Or just look at the pictures…



That’s all from team Simple Lampoon this year. It’s been a riot. A big thanks to those who have contributed over the year and everyone who has ready at least 1 post. On to 2015, now where’s my Breville.

Walking the Chains - Celebrating the 150th birthday of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Walking the Chains - Celebrating the 150th birthday of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Muppits Die Hard @ The Wardrobe Theatre

Muppits Die Hard @ The Wardrobe Theatre