What Can I get someone to do for £5?

You may have come across one of these 'gig' sites in one form or another. Like a manual labour eBay, people pimp out their skills (term used loosely) to you the general public. Now, some of these 'gigs' are obviously spammy black hat SEO techniques; 5 million facebook/twitter/pinterest fans in an hour. Others include backlinks to your website or blog from .edu domains etc etc.

I'm not interested in any of that. That may be borderline useful to some people. I'm after the funny stuff. I'm most certainly willing to pay someone five english pounds for someone to make a fool out of themselves. But it has to be on my terms.

It's a game - I haven't quite thought of what the perfect 'pitch' is yet. But i'll get there. That's part of the beauty of fivesquids, the fun of seeing what you can get people to do for a fiver. It doesn't really matter what they do to an extent.

Handily, www.fivesquids.com has a suggestion box so you can create a 'brief' if nothing takes your fancy.

Who wants to go fishing? ME

This dude is winning so far.....

Unboxing My Sandwich: LIVE

Unboxing My Sandwich: LIVE

Beastie Boys - RIP MCA