Rumageddon 5: A Good Day to Rum Hard

Rumageddon 5: A Good Day to Rum Hard

TLDR: Great value casual rum event tickets here.

Takes place: Friday 7th July

Puntastic rum fantasy evening Rumageddon is back for it’s 5th instalment making it one of the longest running pun-based rum-tasting events in all of the county and probably as far afield as Nuneaton. 

Rumageddon 5 takes place at Noche Negra, Pata Negra’s upstairs bar on Friday 7th July. There is ample room at the bar for your bloody big elbows, plenty of room not to dance in - due to crippling social anxiety, and a flight of stairs to climb - so little chance of a dalek invasion.

Now I’ve wasted 2 paragraphs spouting incandescent enigma-banter at you, let’s look at the finer details of this esteemed event.

Note to reader - Rumageddon is run by Shonette, with her encyclopaedic knowledge of niche condiments and right hand able to tell you the ABV of a drink by it’s weight alone. As such, Rumageddons are a good night for all (bar under 18s) Tis' a sure thing. A shoe-in. A foregone conclusion. As sure as the sun sets, you my friends will get jazzy.

This time around the rums are Caribbean inspired. Awaits you a selection of premium Bajan Rum from the fine folk at Doorly’s. For just £22.50* you’ll be greeted with a punchy (strong, not flaily-armed) Doorly’s Rum cocktail before being guided through the full Doorly’s range, like a captain who guides a boat through troubled water; then gets drunk. More of a pirate. But an old timey pirate not Tom Hanks mate.

Here is the booze menu for the evening:

  • Doorly’s 3yo

  • Doorly’s 5yo

  • Doorly’s XO

  • Doorly’s 12yo

  • Plus a surprise guest or two! (**spreads vicious Pat Sharp rumour**)

Russell Jackson, brand ambassador (who I will refer to henceforth as ‘Commandant Jackson-5-rums’) for Doorly’s will be present to impart his unrivalled knowledge, complete with tasting notes and a bit of trivia for each (which I hope is based around Pat Sharp trivia - but it’ll probably be about rums). You’ll also get to enjoy a selection of light nibbles from the chefs at Pata Negra to soak up the spirits, and you can then carry on the party vibe into the wee hours at Noche Negra. My wee hours are 9, 10:15 and after every 1 ⅓ drinks if you were asking.

Tickets are limited because it’s exclusive and popular, and I like to have a bit of room for activities. Get your tickets now and I promise I’ll stop with this terrible nonsensical rhetoric.  

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