Help Find Rich - He's Missing

GET RICH QUICK Websites – Who is Rich and why do we need to find him? Is he ok?

Rich, if you read this, there are lot of people looking for you. I’m sure your family love you very much. Please get in contact.

Rich hasn’t been found yet it seems, but its heart warming to see how the online community have really pulled together to help out. God bless America.


Rich, this is getting serious. You need to stop messing around. There was a mans Twitter profile and his bio was 'get Rich or die trying'.

After some further research, there are quite a lot of people who are willing to lay down their life in the quest to find you. PLEASE RICH - CONTACT SOMEONE.

There's even a film out to help with the campaign starring a famous rapper.

I don't know you Rich, but one day I hope we can meet over a beer maybe?

All the best

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Finding Time for American TV

Finding Time for American TV

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