Bristol’s Top 6 Comedy Spots

Bristol’s Top 6 Comedy Spots


When was the last time you had a good chortle? Or slapped your thigh out of sheer hilarity? Or kicked over the table, poured your drink over your head and roared uncontrollably like a cackling banshee? If you can’t remember the last time you did one of your awkward snort laughs that your colleagues take the piss out of you for, then perhaps you should consider getting along to one of the many excellent comedy nights around Bristol.

Here are our tips for the best ways to get your LOL on in this crazy old town, if you can’t wait until next summer’s Comedy Garden.

6. Chuckle Busters @ The Wardrobe Theatre

Currently on a break until October whilst they perform at the Edinburgh Fringe, this comedy collective aims to showcase both the best of local talent and top acts from across the UK in the cosy confines above The White Bear on Michaels Hill. The theatre also has a bi-weekly improvised soap opera, Closer Each Day, which is comedy genius in itself.

Next Chuckle Busters events: 2nd Oct, 16th Oct; £5.

5. A Man Walks into a Bar @ The Greenbank/The Lazy Dog

This popular monthly comedy night has been running events at The Lazy Dog in Ashley Down since summer 2013, and recently set up camp at the newly refurbished Greenbank in Easton. A good opportunity to mix a chilled out trip to the local with a night of great value entertainment. Next events: 27th Aug at The Lazy Dog, 3rd Sept at The Greenbank; £2/3

4. Comedy Combo @ The Cube

A monthly night of live stand up alongside some of the best comedy films, the next event is a screening of Office Space, preceded by comedy from Chris Chopping, Neil Petark and Jo Cooksley.

Next event: 6th Sept; £4/5

3. What the Frock @The Mauretania/Colston Hall

Bristol’s famous all-female comedy brand started in May 2012 as a way of balancing out the gender discrimination in stand-up comedy, and has gone from strength to strength, with shows also appearing in London, Bath, Manchester and Exeter. September 2013 brought the show to classy cocktail bar The Mauretania on Park Street, with shows recently alternating between there and The Colston Hall. Next events: 19th Sept (Colston Hall); £11/13, 17th Oct (The Mauretania); £7/10

2. Comedy Box @ Tobacco Factory/Hen & Chickens

The flagship comedy venues for Bristol, and home of the city’s annual Brouhaha comedy festival, the shows at The Comedy Box feature some of the best names in British comedy, alongside some of the more avant-garde performers in the comedy scene. Ticket prices vary depending on the show, but you can find stand-up going on most days of the week.

1. Black Hole Comedy @ The Little Black Box Theatre

This lesser known monthly night at ‘Bristol's only boutique micro-theatre’ is another intimate stand-up venue, all the better for getting to know your fellow comedy fans before you splutter your beer into their lap. Get to know a new venue and experience an eclectic mix of comedy at the same time! Next event: Wed 3rd September, £5

It’s also worth keeping an eye to Bright Club’s website if you’re in the mood for some comedy mixed with talks from Bristol’s best academics – the last event I went to included talks such as how the Greek tragedy of Orestes (killed his mother to avenge his father) applies to your domestic washing up arguments and one about performing a 'Rebecca Loos' act on sea creatures for the benefit of science. Informative, funny AND they give out free sweets.

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