Beastie Boys - RIP MCA

  RIP Adam Yauch

As I'm sure you are aware, Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys fame passed away age 47 last week.

It was only till this week that that I read the extent of Yauch's work in independant film with his production company  Oscilloscope Laboratories who produced the Banksy film 'exit through the gift shop'.

I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling in the film and I urge you to find a copy even if you have only a passing interest in street art.


I was part of the generation that was introduced to the  Beastie Boys from their classic hits; sabotage, fight for your right to party and intergalactic.

So when 'To the 5 Boroughs was released It became lodged in my CD player for months.

That's a lie.

What I actually mean is that I ripped the CD to MP3 and then listened to the that for months. One of my most listened to albums, and one that you can recite all the words to even after nearly a decade.

The CD  is still sitting in its case, never have been played.

Beastie Boys videos are ace too:






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