90:10 Men's Hoodie Review

90:10 Men's Hoodie Review


90:10 is a clothing company born out of a conversation in a pub. It’s numerical name is in reference to 90% grown-up... 10% not, a sort of Peter Pan stance on life, but still retaining the majority stake in responsibility. Yeah I like to wear green tights sometimes, but I also like to reserve seats on the train incase it’s busy. Given the surroundings for this entrepreneurial beginnings (le pub), the company could as easily have been called ‘who’s put scampi fries in my pint’ - but 90:10 has a nice ring to it. For myself it’s more of a 60/40 split, but then I’m not the one running a new clothing venture.

The hoodie itself is quite frankly the softest garment I have ever owned and has not diminished after a few washes. If you see me wandering around, feel free to give it a little stroke (within reason).

The garment is 100% organic cotton and is what you would call ‘lightweight’ - although thin, it’s thermal qualities are superior to most other hoodies I own. It’s probably too high quality for me, It’ll probably be covered in molten cheese within the fortnight.

It features a double kangaroo front pocket (a normal hoodie pocket for when your handsies get cold) and all of the other features you would expect from a hoodie including a draw string. Although, if you tie your little draw string into a bow then we can’t be friends any more.

I caught up with Daniel Glatman, the owner of the company (and also best known for co-creating and managing the boy band Blue)

9010590% / 10% is a quite a high ratio of adult behavior. I suppose you need that when running a business?

You got me at hello with that one mate...No idea...However, the one thing that i do know is that i can't think of one bloke who will admit to being 100% fully grown up..I was prepared to go to 90% as a compromise hence the idea for this brand..We all need that 10% in our life that isn't grown up otherwise life could get very boring...We all need to have some fun in our lives and remember that we know how to enjoy ourselves which is the  essence of this brand..You can't take life too seriously all the time..

I concede there will be some blokes whose number will be lower than 90% and that's cool too...Either way,.I'm just trying to start a light-hearted empathetic conversation.

What is the overall plan for the brand? Are there any plans to expand into other products?

At the moment we are a small acorn with big dreams of one day becoming a forest. However there is an enormous amount of work to do  and we'll also need a bit of luck along the way.. I know from my time in music that anything is possible and that one shouldn't be scared to believe that provided they get their proposition right then anything is possible...I've seen this first hand with my own eyes.

Yes re other products..As long as you can wear it, then we will consider making it. At the moment we are starting with apparel but i wouldn't rule out anything as the company develops. (except condoms!!!)

90104Would you recommend starting a business on the basis of a few beers in a pub?

Absolutely !!..Some of my best ideas have come under the influence of alcohol...I'll give you an example. I  was once at a wedding in wales when the local village choir started singing...I'd had a few by this point and was convinced that i could see a way of turning them into a recording act...The next thing i knew i was swapping numbers with their chairman and before i knew it, i had blagged them a record deal with universal and they were seriously pestering George Michael in the top 10 at Christmas ...Like i said...Anything is possible!

Check out the 90:10 site for hoodies, shirts and for the whole pub origins story. There is also a range of hoodies that you can tuck your headphones into, to stop you from catching them on coffee shop doors (not that I did that this morning or anything)...




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