7 Tips on How to Use 'Yo' In Your Marketing Strategy

7 Tips on How to Use 'Yo' In Your Marketing Strategy


Yo is getting big. With over 50,000 registered users, you need to keep ahead of the game if you want to make the most of this fresh oppportunity. I've put together this guide to help you understand the subtleties of such a complex and difficult to understand platform. Follow my tips so that you may look good in front of your peers and your family, and my family, and the royal family, and pets. And homeless animals that don't have families. And postmen (but not homeless postmen).

7. Building an audience

If you want to ‘Yo’ successfully you need to make sure you are approaching the right audience not just running around shouting YO! without a clear strategy. That kind of scattergun approach is better for selling scatterguns.

Where do your audience already Yo? What are they saying when they Yo. Yo is a powerful tool to determine the mood and aspirations of your potential customers and to really build a sense of community. Are your audience just saying Yo out of boredom, or are they saying Yo out of a deepened sense of disillusion at the misrepresentation of their Yo’s in mainstream media? Yo?

6. Is Content King?

A lot of people will tell you that ‘Content’ is king. If that was the case, then how was I allowed to print the King and lock the King away in my filing cabinet with no questions asked. Minimal security. Luckily content is bountiful in Yo and you could get lost for hours and before you know it you’ve exhausted your clients budget and you don’t have any ROI to justify that lunch platter with the tiny triangle sandwiches you ordered in for the board meeting.

 5. Should you reply to a Yo with a Yo?

This all depends on timing. Sending a Yo at the right time can capitalise on major youth-centric events such as the World Cup, Underground raves and secret supper clubs across the UK. Especially important for taking the high ground in the Yo hotbeds of Yeovil and York.

4. How often should you Yo?

There are no easy answers for the frequency of Yo’s. But as a rule, you shouldn’t Yo until your fingers bleed. At the other end of the scale, you should Yo frequently enough that no more than 1 Christmas passes between each Yo.

Social Media moves fast like one of those fast Japanese trains. Not a British train, one of those ones that runs on magnetic rails. Social media is a magnetic train hurtling towards a massive pile of magnetic cash, but the cash is stuck to the track (magnetically) and you must prise it off using funny pictures of cats that you’ve stuck onto cheap foamboard.


3. Avoiding a Yo marketing suicide

Here’s a recent exchange from one of America’s biggest airlines on Yo that really could not have gone any worse. This is an actual transcript of the engagement as it happened in real time:

Airline: Yo

Customer: Yo

Airline: Yo

The airline tried to play off the incident saying that the ‘account had been compromised’ but by that time the damage had already been done and their PR department has a lot of work ahead to repair their reputation.

2. Establishing your brand in the Yo space

You should pick a name that not only reflects your brand identity but also your character. For example, if you sold central heating in Bristol you might want to have the username ‘Naughty Badger’ which perfectly encapsulates a playful nature but also a viciousness not expected by the competing commercial plumbing supplies. It’s simple really when you think about it.

1. Using the right tone when using Yo

Communicating tone is often underestimated and you need to pick your response carefully depending on who you are conversing with.

I’ve already had interactions with some big names on Yo as you will see below.


Pretty sure world peace is just round the corner.... And once I’d Yo’d Bacon I also Yo’d Obama.



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