That sure is a weird name for a blog

Yes, it is. Sorry. It’s actually a quote from British sitcom Peep Show. Now you know.

Who are you?

I am Dan, by day a Community Manager in Bristol. Lately I’ve been joined by a band of merry punsters who contribute to the site to maintain a steady stream of entertaining and mildly informing content.

We’re only a small team and we can’t cover everything that Bristol has to offer but when we do publish something we make sure it’s as cracker. Or at the very least is full of puns.

I can promise you now that we will never upload a word for word press release to the site. Ever.

We’re just trying to have a laugh, get to know some of the excellent other Bristol Bloggers out there and support some of our favourite local business.

Want us to cover your event or business? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do